Want to be become Beautiful at home?

become Beautiful

Want to be become Beautiful at home?

I am trying to tell you about beauty care that can be beautiful at home as well as good. Haven’t we heard that the results of the outside coat are temporary?But if we do not care for the beauty of the interior, then it is not temporary. So let’s see how I can treat our bodies inside this way.The most effective, safest, and most reliable way to make our beauty look is by drinking fruit and vegetables. There is nothing to be afraid of. Similarly, the treatment done there is not temporary.So let’s see how we can make a drink like this …...

2 carrots
1 cup of fresh milk
2 spoons of orange juice

Blend and drink well.

02. Essential Materials
A green apple
Half a salad cucumber
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
A few parsley leaves
A little bit of minty green

Make all this water and blend it and drink well.
It’s better to have a drink on time for you to make. otherwise, the green variety can cause yellowing.

03. Essential Materials
1/2 cucumber
1 tablespoon of lemon juice

Blend it with a little water and drink well.

Using these ways you can see the difference.

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