Is it black under your eyes too ???

black under eyes

I have just come up with a solution to another big problem.
The problem is the blackness on our eyes. Most people say that my eyes are dark and what’s not going on. Most people have a pretty blonde face but they can see the beauty in the face because of the dark color around them. Because of the dark complexion many people have.

Let’s see why these eyes are black …
If you constantly look at the computer and work on the phone, you will have to work with those things. Your eyes will get tired and if you sleep, read books, use substandard cosmetics, but your eyes are always dark. So the result of such things is the darkness around your eyes.

We can’t afford to lose our jobs, right? Here you can stop using non-standard cosmetics. But other things we have to do because we can’t do our daily work. So let’s see if you can do a punchy treat while keeping your eyes closed or darkened.
You can only do this at home.

Now, let’s see how to do this. You have to take a tuber and remove it from the bark and wash it thoroughly. Grab the potatoes on a clean cloth and squeeze the juice out of the tub. Do this for 3 weeks every day.