Does dry skin bother you ?

Dry skin

Does dry skin bother you ???

Dry skin can quickly become dandruff and faded and discolored. So it’s a bother anyway, right?
One of the main requirements of healthy skin is to maintain moisture in the skin. Therefore, everyone with dry skin should drink plenty of water daily.
At the same time, external care is very important.
So, here’s how to make a full body scrub and body pack that is perfect for dry skin. This is a 100% dry skin with good results.

Materials required for a scrub:

  • White rice flour
  • Just a little bit of musk
  • A yogurt
  • About 3 drops of honey

How to make a scrub:

Put all this in a bowl and stir well. Now the scrub is ready.

Materials for the pack:

  • 1 cup of hardened coconut milk (squeeze coconut milk without mixing it with water. If necessary, add very little water.)
  • A few Saffron stamens
  • Just a little bit of musk
  • 1 tbsp of honey

How to make a pack:

First, double boil the coconut milk as a cream. (Coconut milk cannot be double-boiled as cream if it adds too much water.)
Then add the musk yolks and mix well. Now put the saffron on and let it stand for about five minutes.
Then add the honey and mix it.

Now the pack is ready.
Let’s see how to use it…

Scrub first and rinse off. Then pack the pack and wait for half an hour.
After a good shower, rinse it off and apply a good moisturizer.
Try this treatment and you can see the obvious difference