Bye to Black Heads and White Heads

Black Heads and White Heads

And today I have come up with a host of solutions that you can do at home for another serious problem. You already know what I’m trying to tell you because of the topic. I’m trying to tell you today how to get out of the problem. Let’s see how these blackheads and whiteheads get away with natural care at home.

First, you have to cover your face with a hot towel for about five minutes. That means you have to put a towel in hot water and cover your face with that towel.

*A tablespoon of rice flour (very good at home with rice flour
*Tablespoons of raw turmeric powder
*Tablespoon of lime juice
*A tablespoon of honey

Now mix the mixture in your face and add only a few drops of water. The mixture is just right now. Just keep doing it this week. Blackheads are just whiteheads Fair has been to you.