Black around your neck? How to get rid of dark neck.

how to get rid of dark neck?

How to get rid of dark neck? Dark circles around the neck are sometimes a problem for obese people. Frequent application of cosmetics may not be effective in some cases. At such times it is wise to resort to natural remedies. Therefore, I have brought a natural treatment for those who are facing this problem today.

Sometimes treatments with natural remedies have long-lasting effects. For this reason, some give up trying in a day or two. However, with patience, this type of treatment can be effective.

So this is for those who have wrinkled and blackened necks. It is about an easy treatment that can get rid of all those problems in a month.

For this we need …..
A few well-ripened dark green guava leaves. Take these and wash well.
Then grind to a fine paste.
Now rub these guava leaves around the neck. Then let the lotion dry for 10-15 minutes in the same way.
Then rinse.

If you do this two or three times a week, within a month all the blemishes on the neck will disappear and the wrinkles will be reduced and you will get a beautiful look.I think this article helped you for Black around neck issue.

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